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        Wenzhou Jinbaicai Pigment Technology Co., Ltd. is a production, research and development as one of the high-end fine pigment-based joint-stock enterprises. The company insists the pigment-based industry, and its chemical advantages and higher institutes, and gradually get involved in the chemical additives and other related fields. Relying on regional resources, holding shares, the investment cooperation, the domestic marketing company set up production bases and coastal mega-cities, the formation of more than 2000 tons, an annual output of gold one hundred color brand organic pigments, inorganic pigments nearly ten thousand tons. The company has independent import and export right, and passed the ISO quality management system certification.
        Products are widely used in high-grade paint, ink, hot melt marking,
        plastic, printing paint paste, rubber, cultural and educational products and other coloring fields.

        Specifications of carbon

        Hansa Lemon Yellow

        Iron Oxide Pigments

        Phthalocyanine Pigments

        Phthalocyanine Green

        Medium Chrome Yellow

        Molybdate Red

        Permanent Violet

        Color paste

        News Center

        The company sincerely welcomes people of insight from all walks of life at home and abroad to join us and work together with
        new and old customers to achieve a win-win strategy and add color to the world.

        Participated in the 19th...


        The 19th annual China International Coatings Exhibition was held in Guangzhou Pazhou Complex on December 3-5, 2014 and successfully concluded. To expand the domestic and international markets for corp..

        Contact us
        Tel:+86 0577 89000828
        Sales:+86 0577 89000618/89000818
        Foreign trade:13587601938(Miss Zhao)
        Fax:+86 0577 86075689/86075690
        Trade mail:wumiaomiao21@hotmail.com
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